Jermaine Leong

Jermaine Leong 2017 web2

With charm and amazing vocals beyond her years, Jermaine Leong beat thousands of hopefuls to emerge as the youngest winner in the second season of televised singing competition The Final 1.

Battling through six months of intensive competition, the spirited young lady impressed audiences with heartfelt performances and strong singing prowess, garnering strong fan support week after week. At 16 years old then, her dynamic vocal presence and natural grasp of melody proved that age was never a hindrance when pursing her singing dreams.

Jermaine’s passion for singing has been evident since young, having taken part in many major performances such as the Singapore Youth Festival, China-ASEAN Arts festival and ChildAid concert. She has also participated in the popular Taiwanese singing competition One in a Million at a tender age of nine. Looking upon Ed Sheeran as her music influence, Jermaine’s interests span across different music genres ranging from rap, pop to gospel.

Holding strong to her belief that music bridges the gap between people, Jermaine is ready to soar to greater heights and make a difference in the music scene. More recently, Jermaine spread her wings regionally as she represented Singapore at the Hong Kong Asia Pop Music Festival 2019 , sharing stage with outstanding singers from various countries.

No stranger to the limelight, Jermaine has also been showcasing her versatility in hosting and acting since she was six. The multi-talented young star has acted in many television productions across OKTO, Channel 5 and 8, tackling many different roles with ease.

Truly a gem to look out for, this blooming young talent will continue to wow the nation with her stupendous performances.