Rui En


A familiar face to TV audience, Rui En first emerged to stardom as the iconic “running girl” in a telecom commercial. From then, she soared to fame with her independent yet edgy façade, which strongly exudes the confidence and poise of women of the new age.

A versatile and hardworking artiste who is fiercely passionate about her craft, she has acted in more than thirty-five TV series and portrayed uncountable memorable roles over the years of her career. In 2010, her outstanding and captivating performance in drama series “Happy Family”, “With You” and “Unriddle” marked a turning point in her career, establishing her as one of the top actresses in Singapore ever since.

Hailed by media as the “Queen of ratings”, her achievements reflect her dedication in bringing every character she plays to life and the strong audience connection she has developed. Over the years, many of the dramas that she headlined has attained record-breaking viewership ratings.

With two Star Awards’ “Best Actress” and an Asian Television Awards “Best Actress” award to her name, Rui En’s outstanding performance is affirmed at a regional level.

Her scorching popularity is undeniable. She was the Singapore E-Awards’ Most Popular TV Artiste for three years in a row and has attained Star Awards “All Time Favourite Artiste” in 2016 after winning the “Top 10 Most Popular Female Artiste” for ten consecutive years. Her exceptional performance has also gained strong followings in other regions like Indonesia, Malaysia and Cambodia.

On a personal level, Rui En’s advocacies on volunteering and charitable involvements have also made a notable impact. Besides fronting Community Chest’s theme song “Listen to You Heart” since 2003 and personally volunteering for social causes, her efforts have also encouraged her young fans to initiate charity campaigns for the needy such as door-to-door visits and food giving over the past few years.

With consistent outstanding performances and strong audience support, Rui En continues to dazzle as one of the most in-demand artistes in the industry.