Hype Records

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From promoting the Rollins Band in 1992 to Good Charlotte, Buena Vista Social Club, Cranberries, Il Divo, LeeHom, AMei, et cetera, the branding of Hype’s label over the last 3 decades has been recognized as a respected entity. Operating as a production and marketing company located in Singapore with networks throughout Asia, its services encompass concerts, national campaigns, productions, event management, artiste management and publishing.

Hype encompasses the entire spectrum of what’s required to be a show promoter, a record company and a full-fledged entertainment company.

Our accomplishments in the name of entertainment are characterized by a singular spirit of trans-disciplinary attitude. Through the branding of HYPE’s label, its tenacious pursuit has been rewarded with recognition in the local entertainment scene with beginnings of similar successes through the region.

Hype is also an established record label with production facilities and operates a 5.1 recording studio called, thewhitehyperoom. Working closely with government bodies, Hype is recognized and awarded in many prestigious international music events and concerts, as well as involved in TV productions like Singapore Idol and The Final 1.